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How it all started!

In 1987, Mikado was one of the very first few sushi restaurants that opened on the island of Montreal. It quickly became a successful family business, even ‘the’ sushi establishment where international celebrities, along with growing faithful local clients, came to experience Japanese gourmet sushi and cuisine at their finest. For more than three decades, Mikado has been operating with an unfailing promise: to always serve top quality and fresh food, while seeking to be constantly innovative with its culinary creations.


Earlier this year, 2020, Mikado made a bold business move by closing its flagship establishment on St-Denis street to embrace a more current way of service: pickup or delivery. Hence the new name of Mikado Go came to be. Make no mistake, this is no fast food style in any shape or form! The service may be on the go, but top quality and fresh food remains Mikado’s lifelong promise to keep for its faithful and new clients!


See you soon!

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